Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Best health benefits from turmeric,natural medicine

                                               Turmeric from health

                         Turmeric is  known as best natural medicine for health.when someone have injury, the turmeric use apply on wound to stop blood .it has power of antioxidants,it prevent bacteria. it is best to take with warm milk after dinner.turmeric contain fiber,vitamin C,E & K as well as potassium, calcium,copper iron magnesium and is also help to viral fungal is acts as an immuno-booster and help in developing resistance.
large consumption of turmeric cause stomach is also work like muscle-relaxant by neutralysing he extra gases.pregnant women or patients with liver and kidney should not consume dosses of turmeric require to prevent diseases.Turmeric has 3% of is fat soluble component


 How to use Turmeric for health 
 Turmeric Tea -
  •  1/2 tabsp of turmeric powder
  • 1 tabsp of ginger(thinly sliced)
  • 1 handful cilantro (chopped)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 tabsp olive oil
  • 2 lemons
  •  5 peppercorns
  • orange juice
    1/2 tabsp honey
                          Combine all the ingredients in a teapot.pour boiling 
                           water into  the pot and steep for 10 minute

Benefits of Turmeric tea-
               This tea is absolutely natural can be prepared with all natural ingredients which is always available at home and everywhere.turmeric tea is very healthy for our body.
it is reduced fat from body mostly belly fat.this tea refresh our body at all time and keep us's help sore throut,remove body pain,headache,good for skin 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


                                    Turmeric for beauty

                           Turmeric has been using for beauty all overt the India over 4000 thousand years, and it is best medicine ever, turmeric called as "Haldi" in is always used in food otherwise there is no taste,texture,colour,and presentation for everyone know that it is best natural product for beauty especially for 'bride'. this product is so special for such occasion,so turmeric become so special.turmeric used in so many skin-care is antibacterial,antiseptic and anti fungal properties,turmeric also contain more than 300 is used to skin ailments including acne,oilness,ageing even burns.turmeric also useful for problems concerning the hair and sculp. it can be used to treat dandruff or to prevent hair loss."

where and how to use Turmeric -

1) best use oily skin-A pinch of ground turmeric with three tablespoon of orange juice,mix one and half tablespoon of sandalwood powder mix all ingredients nicely and apply on your face .leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and after that rinse it luckwarm water.

2)use it for dandruff- A mixture of turmeric and olive oil mix it properly and apply gently in your dandruff and other scalp issuing hair and leave it 15 minutes and wash of with natural shampoo.

3)for remove sign of ageing-make a nice paste with a water, turmeric powder, besan(gram flour),second option is this paste can be make with raw milk,yogurt,turmeric,this paste apply on your face and leave it for 15 minutes,apply it eventually and rinse of with lukewarm water.

4) For acne and acne scars-
                                                mix turmeric powder and sandalwood powder and add lemon juice to the mixture. apply  it on your face for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water
                      for acne scars apply a mixture of turmeric and plain water on marks of 15 minutes.

                         we can use anywhere for beauty purposes, there are
so many product made with turmeric for beauty treatments.


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Foods thats make your child more productive


 a)milk and milk products:These are the great way to add protein in their diet.these food help with cognitive development at a young age.proteins give the brain the energy it needs to grow and develop.

 b)dark green leafy vegetables- 
                                                      spinach,kale,mustard greens,mint are loaded with multiple beneficial nutrients.they contain folates, essential for proper brain and nervous system development, and healthy blood formation. they also contain vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that prevent cell degeneration, vitamin A aann antioxidant that strengthens cell integrity and the immune system and iron, which boost the memory, and prevent memory impairment, and also essential  for anaemia sufferers as it combats weakness and sluggishness.

3)beans and lentils- 
                                   they are a great source of proteins, folates, and also zinc, a mineral which is important for memory, cognition and overall brain development.

4) Nuts-(walnuts,almonds,peanuts)
                                                           Not only they taste good, these
 super foods are a rich source of healthy omega-3 fatty acid that build up concentration and memory, brain function learning, and also the nervous system.

5) citrus fruits- ( oranges,lemmon)
                                      they are loaded with vitamin C a powerful 
antioxidants which eliminates toxins from the body and prevents the destruction of brain cell. easily destroy by heat, vitamin c is best absorbed from uncooked food, namely fruit and salads.

6) seeds-( sunflower,pumpkin, flaxseeds,watermelon,chia seeeds)
                          A good source of omega3 fatty acids and other fat good for brain development, these also contain vitamin-E, an antioxidant that offers protection against toxxins.

7) fish-(salmon,mackerel,tuna,sardines)
                     Seafood is an excellent source of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as iodine, another essential nutrients for normal brain development 

8) Red meats, eggs, and other animal products-
                             These are really the only rich,natural source of vitamin B12, one of the most important vitamins for brain health and for enhancing the digestion of other nutrients - thus these foods
prevents fatigue and lethergy. Deficiency of this vitamin could increase the risk of mood disorders including depression, and mental problem .
                         vegetarians could source vitamin B12 from milk,
soy,yeast extract, and fortified cereals.


Friday, 24 March 2017



What your child eats can affect the way s/he thinks and's also depend what they eats in their daily routine.

                                When children have problems with paying attention in class,have low energy levels,suffer from lack of enthusiasm, and easily bored chances are they are  not getting essential productivity- enhancing nutrients they need from their diet.Most parents are aware that a balance diet is essential for keeping children healthy, boosting their growth , preventing nutritional deficiencies.Not many realised the impact that the right nutrition can have on their children's overall productivity.

 In fact,what a child eats has directly affects the way he or she thinks, behaves, and performs in the school. Dietician and nutrition 
educator also says,that parents need to think not only term of child height and weight , but also their mental growth and productivity.
"parents need to ensure they're giving their kids right nutrition from 
the time they are weaned from breast milk.
                               Rapid brain growth occurs during the first two years of life, and scientific studies have shown that the critical period for focusing on a child's nutrition is the first 1000 days of
life. this period of life may be particularly sensitive to deficiencies in diet."Adolescence is another significant and sensitive to period for cognitive development which include (Attention, memory, thinking, learning, perception, and self regulation) "Lake of the right nutrition could result in the children being less energetic and having stunted cognitive development. 


                              In extreme cases, the wrong diet could result in 
underdevelopment of the brain and important developmental traits 
not being expressed."
                     If you see that your child is struggling to stay alert, it may be time to start thinking about what you have been putting on his or her plate.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Healthy Tips for Happy life

                            HEALTHY LIFE TIME TIPS

                      An apple a day can't do it.but your cancer risk could be reduced by eating a large quantity of spinach,green 
beans,peppers, and carrots.

     Eating 10 portions of fruits and vegetables everyday could reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer,
The previously recommended five portions of fruits and vegetables a day reduce disease risk,the greatest benefits came from eating 800g a day assuming that 80g is one portion- compared to people who ate none at all.but even smaller intakes had benefits.
                        A daily intake of two and half portions  was associated with 16%  reduce risk of heart disease,a 4% lower risk of cancer and a 15% reduction in the risk of cancer and 15% reduction in the risk of premature death.

                                  Consuming 10 portions a day,however,was associated with a 24% reduce risk of heart disease,33% lower risk
of stroke,a 28% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease,a 13% reduced risk of cancer and a 31% reduction in the risk of dying prematuerly.    
                              If everyone on the planet ate 10 portions of fruit
and vegetables each day,then 7.8 million premature death could potentially be prevented worldwide.fruits and vegetables have been shown to reduce cholesterol level,blood pressure and to boost the health of our blood vessel and immune system .this may be due to complex network of nutrients they contain.for instance,they contain many antioxidants,which may reduce DNA damage,and lead to a reduction of cancer risk

                                     Fruits and vegetables rich diet is linked to much lower risk of chronic lungs disease. health and dietary intake
of more than 44,000 men from Sweden

      ginger tea is very healthy for entire body and it is reduce stress, remove laziness, feel energetic, ginger is like medicine for human body so we will see some more healthy benefits from body.

1) Reduce fat - ginger tea has antioxident which remove extra fat from body. food do not digest in body,in this situation ginger tea helps a lot, gastric juice from body help to digest food. this tea help to reduce acidity,T.B, chest,stomach problem

2) Treatment on blood pressure -mineral, vitamins, amino acid help to control  blood will be safe from cardio vascular disease.ginger tea help to reduce heart attack, stroke, and remove fat from artery.tiredness run away because of ginger tea.ginger also called as natural medicine.

3) Solve period problem-
 Ginger tea is very helpful for period problem.if you want to come out from this situation you have to drink ginger tea.Take this tea with honey will be very helpful for body.



Wednesday, 15 March 2017


                    HEALTH  IS  WEALTH

                                "Whenever you want to lose weight or just adopt healthier lifestyle,try this simple mindfulness trick to help motivate
yourself,"stand outside and focus on how warm is air feels,the
smell of grass and flowers,the sound of birdsong and how much 
 more energised you feel.
                       "Actively engaging all the senses in this way will make you more present and positive about whatever you are trying
to achieve

                         "while many of us see the optician dentist regularly,
few think about getting our hearing checked, yet hearing loss affects one in six people- particularly as we enter fifties and sixties.

                           The friendly gut bacteria which aid digestion can
be depleted by stodgy processed food,too much alcohol and a course of antibiotics.
                             Replenishing these bugs with a daily probiotic
will see you step into spring with more energy and stronger immunity. Registered nutritionist advises taking a supplement
containing both lactobacillus and bifidobacterium bacteria strains.
"Add a few serving of food,such as onion,garlic,leeks and bananas.

         The warm weather makes it perfect to head outdoors for your workout and people who exercised outside felt more energized and were more likely to repeat the whether it's running
cycling and just walking with the family,get out and get moving.

                If you want to beat fatigue,you should cut you should cut
back on the sweet stuff.swapping sugar for more protein in the form of lean meat,fish,nuts dairy and filling up on the fiber found in the
fruit,veg and whole grain carbs."This help balance out blood sugar
level and energy slumps and urge to snacks.
                    "Vitamins and minerals found in these foods will also 
top up your iron, magnesium and B vitamin levels."

                         The nutrients which supports healthy teeth and bones and boosts immunity."As it's made by the action of sun on
our skin,ur vitamin D levels are lowest after the winter months,so
it's important to give them a boost. "keep your levels topped up with a supplement and once the sun is strong enough,enjoy 15 minutes sun exposure without sunscreen to boost your levels.

                      Going to bed half and hour earlier can help redress the shortfall."To get you in the mood for sleep,have a snack an hour
before bed containing tryptophan, which the body turn into the sleep hormone melatonin that make you drowsy."Good sources include a handful of  nuts ,blended pumpkin seeds, oats and chocolate balls.


          "Pastel lip colours may be a trend right know"but they are
particularly unforgiving if teeth look give your smile a boost by ditching brush heads or old toothbrushes,which should be
change every three months."And remember to use a straw for drinks other than water- as even healthy smoothies and juices can
destroy the enamel on our and stain them."

                "It's season to spring clean and declutter our homes,
and same principle can be applied to our minds,"even small thing
like streamlining your email and unsubscribing from irrelevant
subscriptions can make your life feel a lot easier,keeping a calender
 of reminders and an effective to-do list at hand will stop you feeling overwhelmed. "the more information you keep outside of
the mind, the more decluttered and calm your mind will be."