Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Healthy Tips for Happy life

                            HEALTHY LIFE TIME TIPS

                      An apple a day can't do it.but your cancer risk could be reduced by eating a large quantity of spinach,green 
beans,peppers, and carrots.

     Eating 10 portions of fruits and vegetables everyday could reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer,
The previously recommended five portions of fruits and vegetables a day reduce disease risk,the greatest benefits came from eating 800g a day assuming that 80g is one portion- compared to people who ate none at all.but even smaller intakes had benefits.
                        A daily intake of two and half portions  was associated with 16%  reduce risk of heart disease,a 4% lower risk of cancer and a 15% reduction in the risk of cancer and 15% reduction in the risk of premature death.

                                  Consuming 10 portions a day,however,was associated with a 24% reduce risk of heart disease,33% lower risk
of stroke,a 28% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease,a 13% reduced risk of cancer and a 31% reduction in the risk of dying prematuerly.    
                              If everyone on the planet ate 10 portions of fruit
and vegetables each day,then 7.8 million premature death could potentially be prevented worldwide.fruits and vegetables have been shown to reduce cholesterol level,blood pressure and to boost the health of our blood vessel and immune system .this may be due to complex network of nutrients they contain.for instance,they contain many antioxidants,which may reduce DNA damage,and lead to a reduction of cancer risk

                                     Fruits and vegetables rich diet is linked to much lower risk of chronic lungs disease. health and dietary intake
of more than 44,000 men from Sweden

      ginger tea is very healthy for entire body and it is reduce stress, remove laziness, feel energetic, ginger is like medicine for human body so we will see some more healthy benefits from body.

1) Reduce fat - ginger tea has antioxident which remove extra fat from body. food do not digest in body,in this situation ginger tea helps a lot, gastric juice from body help to digest food. this tea help to reduce acidity,T.B, chest,stomach problem

2) Treatment on blood pressure -mineral, vitamins, amino acid help to control  blood will be safe from cardio vascular disease.ginger tea help to reduce heart attack, stroke, and remove fat from artery.tiredness run away because of ginger tea.ginger also called as natural medicine.

3) Solve period problem-
 Ginger tea is very helpful for period problem.if you want to come out from this situation you have to drink ginger tea.Take this tea with honey will be very helpful for body.



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