Friday, 24 March 2017



What your child eats can affect the way s/he thinks and's also depend what they eats in their daily routine.

                                When children have problems with paying attention in class,have low energy levels,suffer from lack of enthusiasm, and easily bored chances are they are  not getting essential productivity- enhancing nutrients they need from their diet.Most parents are aware that a balance diet is essential for keeping children healthy, boosting their growth , preventing nutritional deficiencies.Not many realised the impact that the right nutrition can have on their children's overall productivity.

 In fact,what a child eats has directly affects the way he or she thinks, behaves, and performs in the school. Dietician and nutrition 
educator also says,that parents need to think not only term of child height and weight , but also their mental growth and productivity.
"parents need to ensure they're giving their kids right nutrition from 
the time they are weaned from breast milk.
                               Rapid brain growth occurs during the first two years of life, and scientific studies have shown that the critical period for focusing on a child's nutrition is the first 1000 days of
life. this period of life may be particularly sensitive to deficiencies in diet."Adolescence is another significant and sensitive to period for cognitive development which include (Attention, memory, thinking, learning, perception, and self regulation) "Lake of the right nutrition could result in the children being less energetic and having stunted cognitive development. 


                              In extreme cases, the wrong diet could result in 
underdevelopment of the brain and important developmental traits 
not being expressed."
                     If you see that your child is struggling to stay alert, it may be time to start thinking about what you have been putting on his or her plate.


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