Saturday, 1 April 2017

Best weight loss tips and diet plan

                                How to Lose weight fast

            proteins help to reduce unnecessary fat from body and provide enough energy for body, along with walk everyday or run for 10 - 15 minutes,exercise daily and wake up and sleep on time to stay healthy fresh, which actually reduce fat from body.
60% population working so hard to reduce fat, having medicine, which is not effective on body.

 Most effective weight Loss-tips-
1) Eat breakfast everyday-
                                            30% people habit to skip the breakfast they don't get enough energy everyday.breakfast should include green tea, brown bread, yoghurt, milk, beans which provide enough energy and maintain weight.

2)Liquid diet and water-
                                            Drink 2 glass of water once you wake in the morning and drink 12 glass of water in everyday.drink lemmon water, juice, in a day.drink black coffee, black tea, green tea, lemmon tea,it's very effective to reduce fat.

3) Eat fiber include food- 
                                           Fiber is the main source to reduce fat from body.fiber is reduce cholesterol from body. boiled potato,spinach,lady finger, soya seeds, pineapple, corn, wheat include fiber.

4) proper sleep in the night-
                                             Everyday sleep on time and wake up on time. if you are stress or your are under pressure take a break, take enough sleep.

5)walk fast or running-
                                       Everyday walk fast or run for 15 minutes
which help to reduce fat from belly, thigh, wrest, and best exercise for the day,also do yoga, aerobics to burn calories. 

6)  Protein include food-
                                        protein is the most energy source and help to reduce fat.add almond.banana,eggs,grains to provide energy, help to loss fat.

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