Monday, 3 April 2017

Best healthcare tips and exercise, healthy food


                                Healthy people enjoy life other people.every person has different style of days people take lots of efforts to stay healthy. so lets understand few topics about our health to stay healthy forever.if you follow this steps your health will amazing improvement.and you can live your life the way you want.

                     exercise is the best  way to do in the early morning. exercise everyday at least 15-30 minutes will actually help you to stay will keep you healthy,happy, tiredness, stay away from stress,energetic, muscle become strong.if you not able to exercise everyday at least five days a week easily possible. people can't go outside for jogging, they can use treadmill to best running exercise at home to lose extra fat from body.the belly fat is the biggest problem is current generation.which can be reduce by regular yoga.special exercise for especially on belly fat which actually help to stay healthy.


 2) healthy food and diet-
                                           Elder people always give us best advice about healthy life,healthy from inside always best.if you are strong from inside, you will be strong from outside as well.
if your beauty comes inside, beauty will show out will side.what we eat entire day will make you strong from inside.healthy food, little diet, strong nutrition to live your life forever happy.
                                        you should special attention about healthy food contineosely  like vegetables,fruits, eggs, breads, juices,etc..
avoid eating junk,oily foods, cold food, cold drinks,which  will harm your health.

3)Drink enough water-
                                    Water is life,so drink 3-4 litre water everyday. water is not only good for skin, but also good for digestion.water is required for every organ of body to work efficiently. drink fresh juices, coconut water, buttermilk, 
                                       Drink 2 glass of water once you wake nk up,which will help to active your internal organ. don't drink water while having meal, drink water 45 minutes of your meal to help digestion.


4) Relax and take enough sleep-
                                                    Rest is very important for the body after entire day work. you should take a 6-8 hours sleep every night
to keep your body healthy and fresh.even in your work time rest is important to remove understand need of your health and work on it.


             Regular exercise and protein is help to reduce weight.if you want to reduce 80kg of weight then take 80 to 175gm everyday. if you feeling hungry then have a food which include protein.protein will stop you from feeling hungry.protein control blood sugar from the body. Always take a protein shake to provide energy to your body.if you are having non-veg then fish, eggs, mutton, soya can eat. exercise, very morning, yoga, jogging, to help reduce weight.



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