Monday, 31 July 2017



  1) sweating comes in warm climate, so in this seasons need to drink lots if water. every one should drink 10 to 12 glass of water.

2) Eats large amount of seasonal fruit, cucumber in this monsoon.  
     so water level maintain in the body.

3) Always first do warm up before start exercise, its always helpful 
    otherwise  you will face body pain.

4)  exercise can be done at anytime, but morning and evening is the      best  time for exercise because air is cold in this time.

5)  Enjoy the workout but not as a exercise,it will effect on  body, If you like to dance. This is also best exercise to remove dance 10 to 12 minutes

6) Always do cool out position after workout 

7) Exercise is not possible outside in gym during monsoon so you can do body weight and stretches at home.

8) Always wear soft, light colour clothes for exercise.might exercise speed decrease and your calories will burn without tired and stress.

9) If you feel stress, tired ,painful  during exercise  then stop exercise and sit under fan take rest.

10) you can enjoy  music during exercise, your mind will get fresh.

11) its important to have proper food in monsoon,avoid eating sweets and fried food, include fruits and vegetables
in your diet plan.

12) If you are going out during the monsoon always carry fruits like apple,banana,melon,keep with you lemon water, buttermilk, etc.

13) Enjoy exercise with your family member, relatives and friends.

14)Always keep bottle of water with you when you are going out and add lemon slice, cucumber slice, mint leaves in water, it will change the test of water.

15) Junk foods like chips, pickles, chutney include lots of salt so don't eats that so much.

16)Last and not in the list but very important take proper 7 to 8 hour sleep.


                                        Tea and coffee both improves physical and mental performance of and tea include caffeine and fizzy drink is safe even for pregnant women and children.
                      Four cup of coffee or tea which include 400 mg of caffeine,has no lasting damage on body. people who cut of the tea and coffee may miss out health benefits  they contain. Tea is best way to get hit of caffeine and it is work best way on our brain.both work on antioxidants. caffeine also enhanced sports performance.
Adults can consumes no more than 400 mg caffeine each day.A small bar of plain dark chocolate has up to 50 mg of caffeine,while milk chocolate around half of that.  


1) Sometimes Do stretching exercise  after waking up in the morning. yoga will also help and exercise will give you entire day energy.

2)  Leave your home early and walk few minutes. you will reach on time to work.Don't use elevator in the office, simply use staircase to enter the office.

3)  Drink 10 to 12 glass of water everyday. if you feel to go to the toilet then take a walk to the other floor including terrace it will be  good exercise with up and down staircase.

4)  As a good walk go to other people for your any kind of work.Take a 2-3 minutes walk in the office so you don't feel tired.

5) Avoid eating junk food and open food.

6) Always carry tiff-in with healthy food ,so you will stay healthy.

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