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How to Stay Healthy And Happy Without Medicine And Doctor

                 Always Stay Healthy and Happy

   A) Most important Time Table for Drinking water-

   water is the part of life on the earth. If anyone don't get water to drink, His life will end. This earth is also live on water,without water nothing will move anywhere.water is used, everywhere in the world. This world alive on water. This water is the most important aspect of environment. If you drink water on time with proper quantity, you will stay away from many diseases and pain, as well as you will enjoy happy life, no stress, fresh, and healthy forever. 

1) When you wake in the morning drink 2-3 glass of water,your will fresh and your internal organ become active.

2) you can add lemon juice,honey in hot water that will be like natural medicine your body, water mixed with lemon honey work as antioxidants, cleanup your entire body, lose extra fat from body and get vitamin-C.

3)Drink one glass of water after taking shower will maintain Blood pressure of your body.

4) Lemon water help digestion,so drink this water slowly, if you drink Two glass of water before breakfast,Lunch or dinner will also help for digestion.

5)  Always drink 10-12 glass of clean water everyday.regularly drinking water helping digest food.

 6) So many people confused with drinking water, because as they think drinking  so much of water will cause to contineosely going for washroom, But this is good things because of that Bad water regularly through out from your body by urine.

 7) If you regularly drink more water, you will not face urinal problem.  Drinking less water effect on kidney.

8) Drinking less water will cause Dehydration, increase acid liquid, eye problem, stress, depression, headache,..etc
9) Drink 2 glass of water before sleep, avoid heartache.
          So these very important benefits of water keep you healthy, fit and happy.

      B) Health Benefits from Basil


                   Basil is a natural herb from god. basil is best for our health and it has been used all over the world. It give good effects on body. basil help to reduce fever, if you have it with water in every 2-3 hours. 
                    Basil used in Ayurvedic cough syrup.This herbs benefits in T.B, Asthma, Brocaitis. Basil oil has a vitamin C, calcium, Phosphorus, in large quantity.It is mark as a Antibacterial, Anti fungal, and Antiviral. basil leaves available in everybody house. 
                     Everybody should eat 10-12 basil leaves everyday.If you have through pain basil is best as natural herbs, it can be used for mouth freshness.

C) Best Benefits of spinach-
                            Spinach is the best vegetables which has ample of use in life but must wash before use it.spinach found A,C vitamin,fiber, folic acid, magnesium, which fight cancer. spinach protect heart problem, increase brain power,and fight disease.


                               Spinach used in vegetables and salad and soup. It is best use in different type of vegetables dishes.
spinach increase bone power and make them strong. It is best in regular use especially  weight loss, reduce calories. If you want to reduce fat from body then glass of spinach juice,lemon juice,
ginger all mixture drink every morning.

 D) benefits of Custard Apple-

                              Custard Apple is the very effective fruit for health.It is very sweet and tasty when it ready to eat. This fruit is the best seasonal fruit and also best on many health issues.Custard apple helps blood circulation, very energetic,reduce heat from body.

  Mental power is become very strong by custard apple. it

is also good for spinal-cod  problem. seeds are very good on germs.
so whenever you find this  fruit in market must buy.

E) Regular use of Important Mint Leaves- 

                                   Mint is the natural herb same as a basil.Mint is very good for health because mint include Menthol, which good for digestion. it help in Dehydration, stomachache, A lots of medicine made of Mint leaves.


                        Mint juice, lemon juice, honey, ginger mixture reduce anxiety,stress, and give energy to is also work as a mouth fresh. Mint is used in beauty product, Mint is good for face beauty which have good blood flow on overall benefits of mint leaves should available in every home.

F) Best health benefits from Apple -

                      " One Apple everyday keep doctor away" this sentence is very popular in the world. Apple work like medicine. so eat one apple every morning with empty stomach is very effective. Apple keep happy, good sleep in night, good for heart, and increase sperm count in body.


                 Apple give good energy to the body. C vitamin found in apple which very effective for health.It is helpful for digestion, remove cough, very sweet, tasty which every doctor recommend to the patients.
                    This fruit include Iron, Phosphorous, available in  good quantity which increase blood in body and improve mental health.
Apple reduce weakness from body. Eating apple everyday keep away many disease.


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